Who are we helping? Who benefits from our fund?

The destitute families of TENZINGANG :

  • We bring basic foods (rice, tea, milk, flour, oil, sugar…) and clothes to families in great need (about 40 families). This help is distributed every 2 months. The total amount is a minimum of 6000 € per year (more if necessary and depending on our possibilities).

The school of TENZINGANG :

  • Following the request of the Tibetan government for Tenzingang, we are sending every year 2000€ so that the school bus transport may function again. This covers the driver’s wages, diesel and maintenance. This is a very important service for the children : Tenzingang consists of 4 isolated villages, difficult to access.

The school canteen :

  • It has been decided to send financial help to improve the poor quality of the school canteen.

Miscellaneous :

The Board of the Association agreed to give occasional financial help to Tibetans who come from areas other than Arunachal Pradesh.

    • Thanks to the generosity of our members and friends, we occasionally help the Association « La Pierre Blanche » which takes care of 200 Tibetans facing serious difficulty, à Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, while waiting for a solution to their precarious situation.
    • We also occasionally support the Gyutö monks by organizing tours, concerts and conferences in France (For 3 years from 2003 to 2005 they have been performing in the show “Loungta” of Bartabas and his Zingaro circus).
    • The residents of the Tenzingang retirement home have been rehoused in Dharamsala in the Jampaling retirement home, which brings them closer to health care services. Our aim is to help with the restoration of the Jampaling retirement home, in partnership with the Association DEPARTS which organizes a solidarity trip to Dharamsala.

how is the money distributed ?

  • In Tenzingang we have Tibetan friends in the Gyutö monastery (Tashi Tsering, the secretary and the monks) who act as intermediaries and guarantee that the donations we are sending are put to good use.

    how does sponsoring work?

    In great distress the Tibetan refugees in India often need our help to educate their children or to get health care when they are ill.

    • 315 € a year or 26 € per month to sponsor a child, 15 € per month for a senior could cover their needs.
    • The total of the financial help is transferred to the beneficiary less the expedition fees (paid by the association). A sponsorship can be shared by two people if necessary.

    You may wish to be in contact with your protegees and direct contact is possible either with the children or their parents (with the TCV and with Tenzingang).

  • If you want to sponsor a child’s education or a family in need etc. please contact :

Evelyne MARC, 18 rue des Reculettes 75013 PARIS tel