Honorary President : Tenzin PENPA

Tenzin Penpa was nine when he joined the monastery in 1973. He passed all the tests of the Tantric University of the Guytö monastery belonging to the Gelugpa school. He received the title of Gueshé Ngarampa. For 17 years he was song Master and taught philosophy until 2005, the art of song and the art of mandala. He also practices Tibetan astrology.
He taught in other monasteries and in buddhist centers in different cities and countries : USA, Canada and Singapour in 1991, Australia in 1995, Zanskar (monastery of Jamling) in 1997 and 1998, Nepal. From 1999 to the end of 2002, he was in charge of the administration of the Guytö monastery. Then together with a group of monks he went on a song tour in Europe and Japan and performed also in the spectacle “Bartabas” of the equestrian circus Zingaro from 2003 to 2005.
He is actually living and working in France and endeavors to transmit Tibetan culture and to help the Tibetan community in exile.

President of the Association : Bernard LONG

Vice-president : Gelek SANGPO

Treasurer : Marie-Christine MOURGAUD

TASHI TSERING is in charge of our branch in the village of TENZINGANG